Get Around Your Educator Account

Navigating your educator administration tools has never been easier! Xello’s simplified menu options make finding the information and features you’re looking for a snap.

Different schools have different settings, so what you see in your educator tools may not include everything you’ll see in this article, but what you do have will be exactly what you need.

Xello Logo

Click the Xello logo in the top left corner of any page to return to your Dashboard from anywhere in the educator tools.


Here is your Students List where you can filter, view, and manage student profiles. You can also create and manage all your Student Groups to add Assignments, narrow report results, and add Dashboard Resources.


See a list of all educators at your institution. If you need to find out who your site administrator is, this is the place to look!


This is where you’ll find the important tools for working with your students. The list of Features may differ depending on the year level of your school.

  • Use Lessons to get a snapshot look at the lessons offered in Xello. Click any lesson name for a description, estimated completion time, and any prerequisite activities students need to complete in Xello before they can begin the lesson.
  • With Assignments, you can create projects for students to complete. The assignments then show on the students’ dashboard where they can upload and submit their work. Return to the Assignments section here in educator tools to review their work and provide feedback.
  • Dashboard Resources allow you to add links, documents, and other files directly to the student dashboard, putting additional tools at students’ fingertips.


Everything you want to know about your students’ interests and activities is in the Student Work section. Track their Lesson Progress from high-level snapshots right down to which students have completed which lessons for their year level. And monitor usage in the Engagement section.

FYI: For a quick walkthrough of the key features of your educator account, check out this Getting Started with Your Educator Account PDF.