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Explore Options and Goals & Plans


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In this module you'll learn how students do a deep exploration of careers, how they discover courses and apprenticeships that interest them, and the colleges and universities that might help them reach their goals as they build an achievable plan.

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What’s in this module?


Lift Off: Let's Get Exploring (2 minutes)

See how Xello helps students open their eyes to a variety of futures and encourages them to define the pathways to reach those future goals.

Dig In: Deep Dive on a Career (3 minutes)

Learn how Xello caters to each individual student by sorting careers by how well-matched they are while still providing students with complete control to review and refine their top choices.

Dig In: Explore Courses & Apprenticeships Colleges & Universities(2 minutes)

Learn how students learn everything they need to know to make an informed decision about college and university.

Dig In: Build a Plan (3 minutes)

You'll learn how students take what they’ve learned about themselves, about careers, courses & apprenticeships, and college & university, and then use this knowledge to build a plan for their future.

Try It: Save Options and Create a Sample Plan (2 minutes)

Use your demo student account to explore and save options before creating a plan that puts the pieces together.

Wrap Up (1+ minutes)

A quick summary, plus additional helpful resources to share or to continue your learning

Recommended Prerequisites

blue book

Complete the module Student Assessments

green book

Go through the module About Me and CV Builder

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