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Use these resources to get to know Xello. Check out a learning module or follow along with a Student Experience Walkthrough, or one of our short video playlists.

Learning Modules

Explore Xello with confidence. Bite-size learning modules will help you get orientated in Xello and introduce key first step resources to ensure you’re prepared to launch Xello to your students.

  • meet xello 6-12
    Meet XelloLearn about the basics of Xello: what it is, how it’s valuable for students, and how to get students logged in so they can start preparing for their future!
    students with educator10 minutes
  • educator at computer
    Navigate Your Educator AccountThis module will help you get around your educator account so that you can get on your way to becoming a future-ready hero!
    hourglass14 minutes

Xello Walkthroughs

New to Xello? Want a refresher? Looking for a quick walkthrough on what your students will experience when in Xello? Use these modules or handy, downloadable PDFs with actionable checklists to walk you through the major sections of Xello.

  • Student Dashboard & Orientation
    Student Dashboard & OrientationNewThis module will explore the functions and features of the student dashboard and provide an orientation of your demo student account.
    students with educator13 minutes
  • Student Assessments
    Student AssessmentsNewThis module will explore how career assessments can help students on their path to self-discovery and introduce careers that are new to them.
    students with educator14 minutes
  • About Me and CV Builder
    About Me and CV BuilderNewThis module will explore how students capture their interests, skills, and experiences and use this knowledge to build a customisable CV.
    students with educator10 minutes
  • Explore Options and Goals & Plans
    Explore Options and Goals & PlansNewWhen you’re ready to help your students explore university options and build a plan, use this module to learn how to explore options and build goals and plans in Xello.
    students with educator15 minutes
  • Lessons
    Integrated Lessons in XelloNewUse this module to explore how Xello's interactive Lessons helps students build critical skills and knowledge for real-world success while encouraging ongoing reflection.
    students with educator12 minutes


Not interested in reading? Want a quick, high-level understanding of how some of the features work? Then buckle in and watch one of our short videos.

  • pdfYouTube Playlist
    YouTube PlaylistEducator Tools PlaylistVisit this playlist to watch short videos on key features in Educator Tools in Xello.