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Student Assessments


userEducatorhourglass14 minutes

This module will explore how career assessments can help students on their path to self-discovery and introduce opportunities they may not have considered before.

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What’s in this module?


Lift Off: Quiz Time! (2 minutes)

Learn how the Xello assessments are a key component of helping student connect who they are to future opportunities

Dig In: Interests Assessments (3 minutes)

Learn about the 3 phases of Matchmaker.

Dig In: Skills Lab (4 minutes)

Learn how this assessment will have students critically evaluate how often they wish to use a set of common skills in their future career, and how that preference matches them with careers.

Dig In: Understanding Your Assessment Results (2 minutes)

See how Xello makes their assessment results transparent to students.

Try It: Matchmaker (2 minutes)

Get to know yourself a little better. Complete Matchmaker and uncover your assessment results.

Wrap Up (1+ minutes)

A quick summary, plus additional helpful resources to share or to continue your learning

Recommended Prerequisite

blue book

Complete the module Student Dashboard & Orientation

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