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Looking for resources to help you implement Xello with your students and their parents/guardians? Check out our Xello Teaching Resources! These resources include lesson plans to support Xello Lessons further, information to share with parents/guardians, and other shareable resources.

Supplementary Resources

These supplementary resources work alongside you and your students as they work in Xello. Use them to further build on what they're learning and exploring.

    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCELesson ResourcesThese resources can help you and your students get the most out of Xello's Lessons. These resources come with discussion prompts, vocabulary, and activities to support each Xello Lesson.
    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCEChoosing Your Key Stage 4 OptionsNewUse this lesson plan to help your students investigate the Key Stage 4 options available to them. They'll assess how their skills, likes and dislikes fit with subjects, evaluate ways of choosing their options, and connect subject choices with their goals.
    SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCECV WritingLearn how CV Builder pulls in the work students have already completed in other parts of Xello so they can confidently start applying for those opportunities they're interested in.

Xello in the Classroom

Use these resources to learn how Xello and its features help every student be future ready.

  • xello resourceXello Guide
    Xello GuideXello and Special Educational NeedsNewLearn how Xello helps all students get the support they need to find their pathway to a fulfilling and successful future.
  • pdfPDF
    PDFIntroducing Students to Xello: Scope and SequenceThe Scope and Sequence document outlines recommendations for how to use Xello throughout each year.
  • xello resourceXello RESOURCE
    Xello RESOURCEStudent DashboardLearn about the key features in the Student Dashboard that help empower and motivate students to take ownership over their future-readiness.
  • short videoShort video
    short videoStart Your Career Adventure with XelloNewShare this short video with your students to ignite their curiosity to start exploring careers in Xello.
  • short videoShort video
    short videoUnderstanding Your Career MatchesNewCheck out and then share this short video with your students to help them understand how they got their career matches, how they can change their answers, and hide their least favourite matches.
  • short videoShort video
    short videoExplore Your Future with XelloWatch this short video and then share it with your students to help introduce them to Xello. They'll get a sneak peek into how Xello will help them learn and grow as they build confidence in their future.

Resources for Families

Use these resources to introduce Xello to your students' parents & guardians.

  • xello resourceXELLO RESOURCE
    XELLO RESOURCEWelcome Families to XelloCheck out this page with all the resources you need to introduce Xello Family to your students' parents & guardians.
  • pdfPDF
    PDFParent/Guardian LetterUse this letter to provide an overview of Xello for Parents and Guardians. Share this with your parent community.

Shareable Video Playlists

Check out these curated video playlists. Share them with students and families to help them learn all about Xello.

  • short videoVideo Playlist
    Video PlaylistStudent PlaylistShare this playlist with your students to help them quickly learn the ins and outs of key Xello features.
  • short videoVideo Playlist
    Video PlaylistFamilies PlaylistShare this playlist with parents and guardians to introduction them to Xello Family and give them a walkthrough on how to use their account to view student work.