Introducing Xello to students

userEducatorTime2 minutes

Use the Day 1 with Xello checklist and presentation provided below to set yourself up for a successful first day using Xello with your students. From a few simple steps to take before the first class to how to dive in with students on day one, you’ll be prepared to start your students off on the right foot in Xello!

Before class starts, schedule some time to complete a few simple tasks. Use the customisable Day 1 with Xello presentation template to use as a helpful teaching aid, as you guide your students through their first day with Xello.

Below find all the resources you'll need for a great start to the new school year!


  • pdfPDF
    PDFDay 1 with Xello - checklist

    Follow this checklist to set yourself up for a smooth first day of using Xello with your students.

  • pdfpresentation
    presentationDay 1 with Xello - presentation

    Create a copy or download this presentation to help you guide your students on their first day with Xello.

  • short videoShort video
    short videoExplore Your Future with Xello

    Watch this short video and then share it with your students to help introduce them to Xello. They'll get a sneak peek into how Xello will help them learn and grow as they build confidence in their future.