Student Dashboard
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Check out the Student Dashboard!

Enhanced Student Dashboard | 1:48

About the Dashboard

The Student Dashboard has a few key features that help empower and motivate students to take ownership over their future-readiness:

  • Built-in guidance: the Dashboard guides students in each year through a customised sequence of university and career planning lessons that the school or college has deemed essential (i.e “core”) for meeting organisation requirements.
  • Progress tracking: a progress indicator helps students track their progress towards meeting all core and optional lessons that have been assigned to their year group.
  • Easier Access to Assignments & Resources: these two sections are high up on the dashboard for optimal visibility, allowing students to view and access them without scrolling.

Student Video

To learn more about how your students interact with their dashboard, check out the short video below.

Your Student Dashboard | 1:27
TipTip: Share this short video with your students. Link to it on their Dashboard Resources, place it in an Assignment, or message the link to your student groups in Xello.