What is a Lesson Sequence?

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Your lesson sequence is the heart of your implementation! Lessons are an extremely flexible tool that will guide students throughout their Xello journey. Lessons help students acquire key skills and knowledge and explore core future readiness concepts.

For a quick overview of Xello's built-in Lessons, check out this short video:

Introduction to Lessons 2:45

Xello provides a recommended year for each built-in, interactive lesson based on the topic area and the complexity of the content. You can Move a Lesson to Another Year, or shift the order of priority for how the lessons are shown to students based on your school or college's goals and objectives.

You can also Create a Custom Lesson for additional learning objectives and activities not covered by Xello’s interactive lessons. Like Xello’s built-in Lesson, custom lessons can also have prerequisite activities to ensure that students are completing the work you want them to.

If you’re looking for year-to-year recommendations for Xello’s Lessons and activities checkout these scope and sequence recommendations.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFIntroducing Students to Xello: Scope and Sequence

    The Scope and Sequence document outlines recommendations for how to use Xello throughout each year.

  • pdfPDF
    PDFLessons Pacing Guide

    Use this pacing guide to simplify your experience with Xello Lessons and supplementary resources. Topics for each year group are sequenced for you, so you can see at a glance the order in which to deliver the curriculum.