Create a Website Landing Page

userXello AdminTime1 minute

Are you looking for a way to introduce Xello to your community? Start by creating a Xello-focused landing page for your website! This way you can easily share how your school or college is making the most of the Xello program.

We’ve collated all of the assets you need, or share them with your IT department, to help you create your very own Xello landing page for your school or college.

The assets include:

  • A Xello branded website banner
  • Short description of what Xello is
  • How your school or college is using Xello
  • Testimonials from students or teachers
  • pdfZip file
    Zip fileCreate Your Own Landing Page Package

    Download the Landing Page package for logo files, illustrations, and brand guidelines to help you create an engaging introduction to Xello.