Subscription Renewal

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Check out the subscription renewal process and frequently asked questions about adding additional schools or Xello products to your renewal. Learn how to change contact information when necessary.

Subscription Renewal Process

How do I approve the renewal?

You should receive a renewal notification email before your account is due to renew. Open the link in the email, click Approve, and follow the Final Approval instructions. If you haven't received a renewal notification email, please email or call +44 (0)1509 381070.

What happens after I approve the quote?

After you approve the renewal quote, Xello access is extended for the duration of the new subscription period and an invoice is generated and sent. If you'd like to choose a specific invoice date, please read about Invoicing and Approval.

When will product access be granted?

Your Xello subscription will be extended within 48 hours of approving the renewal quote.

Add Schools or Product to the Renewal

How do I add a school or product to my renewal?

If you'd like to make changes to your renewal quote, please contact your Success Manager. Details can be found on your quote. You can call +44 (0)1509 381070 or email for further assistance.

Change Contact Information on the Renewal

How do I change the address or contact information on the renewal order?

To change the name, address, or other contact details on your renewal quote or invoice, please contact your Success Manager or call +44 (0)1509 381070.