About mass export and print

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Use the mass export tool to aggregate student work into one PDF for easy printing and record-keeping capabilities. Send the print-outs home with your students for a parent or guardian's signature for accountability or store them internally for proof of mandate compliance.

Before you can mass print, you need to mass export to a PDF. You'll be printing the student data from the generated PDFs where you've selected what data you'd like to export and in what format. Or, instead of printing, import the PDFs to your Management Information System (MIS).

Follow the tips below to customise the PDF content and output.

Filter the student list

Narrow the student list by one of the filter options such as year, educator, group, or more. From the top right of the student list, click Filters and select the fields by which you'd like to filter the student list. Once you've made your choices, from the bottom of the Filters window, click Apply.

Include a signature line

You have the option to add a signature line at the end of each student's profile. The signature line will include a space for the student, guardian, and counsellor each to sign.

Choose an export format

Select the format you'd like to export the PDF. The available formats are:

Export format Included in the export
Standard Every PDF is compiled into one file for single-sided printing.
Eco Every PDF is compiled into one file for double-sided printing. This is easy to save paper while mass printing. A blank page will be added where necessary between student files to avoid different students' data on the same page when printing on both sides of the paper.
Individual PDFs for each student One PDF will be generated per student. All the student PDFs will be exported in one .zip file for extraction. This is ideal if you plan on importing the PDFs into your school's MIS.
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