Create Student Data Files

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Before you begin, for a reminder on the file structure notes and automating subsequent exports, check out Build Data Export Files.

Build the student data files by following the format indicated below.

We recommended uploading an updated student .csv file on a termly basis.

School (.csv)

This file identifies all the schools.

Column Name Type Description
SchoolCode char(15) Unique to district.
Name char(250) Full school name.
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LINC|Lincoln Secondary School|1
JOHNS|Johns Middle School|2

Student (.csv)

This file identifies all enrolled students that will use Xello in years 7-13. It must include the CurrentSchoolCode.

Column Name Type Description
UPN ID char(15) The student's unique pupil number that identifies each pupil in the local-authority-maintained school system.
FirstName char(100) Student's first name.
LastName char(100) Student's last name.
Gender char(1) M = Male, F = Female, N = Not Specified.
DateOfBirth Date Format dd-mm-yyyy. Student's birth date.

Note: Ensure the format is entered correctly. Do not spell out the date.
CurrentYear Int The year the student is in.

Note:Ensure the format is only the numerical value. Do not include the word "Year".
CurrentSchoolCode char(15) The SchoolCode of the student's current school.
Username char(100) UPN ID cannot be used as username. Email
Email char(100) Student's email address.
Password char(10) Suggested password for the student.
ULN ID char(15) A student's unique learner number is used alongside and to access the Personal Learning Record of anyone over the age of 13 involved in UK education or training.
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