How Student SSO Works
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Single sign-on (SSO) is a time-saving tool that allows users to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

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About SSO

With Xello SSO, students and educators can log in to a portal, such as Google, a Learning Management System (LMS), or a Management Information System (MIS), and then access their Xello account without a separate login. In the background, Xello receives data to verify the identity of the user and securely authenticate their access.

Watch the video below for a high-level overview of what SSO is and how it works:

Single Sign-On with Xello 1:37

Once SSO is Set Up

Once data integration with your MIS is complete, you and your Onboarding Manager can start the student SSO setup process. It’s important to note that Xello is not an identity provider, which means the data does not reside with the program. Rather, Xello is an identity consumer that authenticates a user’s information by verifying the account with the identity provider (an LMS, for example).

Once SSO is set up, you’ll receive a unique URL that can be shared with students or posted as a hyperlink on the LMS or school website. Alternately, in some Learning Management Systems a Login to Xello option will be made available in the application menu once setup is complete

It’s important to note that Xello generates unique usernames and passwords for all students during the data integration process, even if your local authority opts for SSO. Students won’t need usernames and passwords to access Xello; however, they’ll still be able to log in at new tab with these credentials.

noteNote: If your school is not on daily data transfers, you may find that a student cannot login through SSO. If a student tries to log in to Xello through SSO and the account isn’t recognised, they’ll be directed to a “portfolio linking” page where they can use their Xello username and password to log in to the program at new tab. If the login is successful, Xello will associate the student’s token (email or other verification) with the student’s account, and they’ll be able to use SSO moving forward.

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Set up SSO with One of Our Partner Options

Xello has partnered with many SSO providers to make implementation of SSO in Xello as simple as possible. Click the name of your identity provider or LMS in the below list to find Xello SSO setup instructions for IT staff:

  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceGoogle SSO
  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceGoogle Workspace SSO
  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceMicrosoft Azure SSO
  • xello resourceXello Resource
    Xello ResourceSAML 2.0 SSO

If you do not see the name of your SSO provider here, please let your Onboarding Manager know and we'll be more than happy to arrange a time to discuss your unique SSO implementation.

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