Students and the Personality Style Assessment
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Xello's Personality Style assessment is the second phase of the Matchmaker assessment. After completing an additional 28 questions about their likes and dislikes, students receive a Holland Code, which they can then use to investigate and filter careers.

Their answers in the Personality Style quiz fine-tune their career matches from the first Matchmaker assessment and match them with careers that are popular for professionals with the same personality styles.

Learn how students:

Access the Personality Style Assessment

In order to begin the Personality Style assessment, students must first complete the first phase of Matchmaker.

Students can access Personality Style from two places: the Student Dashboard (the first page when they sign in to Xello), and their About Me page after they've completed Matchmaker.

Access Matchmaker from the student dashboardHow students access Personality Style from their Dashboard
Access Matchmaker from the About Me pageHow students access Personality Style from their About Me page

Access Their Personality Style Results

Students can revisit and review their results at any time by clicking Personality Style on their dashboard or from their About Me page.

Find Out Why they Matched with Careers

From the top of any career profile, next to the Save button, the student clicks Find Out Why to open a table with their answers comparing how strongly their interests match with different aspects of the career they’re viewing.

Career profile of a baker. Baker is tipping bowl of dough onto counter. Excellent match is highlighted and cursor is hovering over Find Out Why
Students learn why they match with a career

Understand Holland Codes in Xello

In order to make the results easier for students to understand their results, Xello uses alternative names for each of the personality styles in the Holland Model.

Holland Code Xello
Realistic Builder
Investigative Thinker
Artistic Creator
Social Helper
Enterprising Persuader
Conventional Organiser
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Reset the Personality Style Assessment

The Personality Style assessment works in tandem with the Matchmaker assessment. This means that resetting Personality Style requires resetting Matchmaker as well.

Please note:

  • All Matchmaker answers will be deleted (this includes Matchmaker and Mission Complete)
  • Careers in Explore Careers will not be sorted by Matchmaker results
  • Strength of career matches (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor) will not show on career cards
  • Their top matches will not show at the top of their About Me page

To reset all Matchmaker assessments:

  1. From the top of any page in Xello, students click About Me.
  2. At the top of the About Me page, located in the Career Matches section, students click the three-dot button and select Reset Matchmaker.
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  3. They confirm they want to reset the Matchmaker quiz and start over by clicking Yes, Reset.
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