Students and Portfolios in Xello

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Students use Xello Portfolios to create and share fully customisable displays of work - whether it's their own work, or things they've collected.

Once they've created their portfolio, they can share it as documentation of work for a job, or college scholarship, or for a digital submission requirement for certain exams. They can also use it for an assigned project, talent showcase, and more.

noteNote: Portfolios has replaced Storyboard. Students can access any resources or media they had previously saved in their Storyboard by visiting Portfolios.

Students access Portfolios from their dashboard in Xello.

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Before they begin, if they're looking for inspiration, they can check out Xello's sample portfolios by clicking See sample portfolios. From here, they can watch a quick, informative video and view a variety of detailed portfolio samples. Examples include school projects, career skills, college applications, creative and work experience.

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They build out their portfolio by creating sections and adding media to each section. The media they're able to add can be their own text or reflection, external media such as videos or webpages, or even other Xello work they've completed. For external media, students can upload files up to 1 GB and have a total of 200 GB total storage.

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Once they've built out their portfolio and are ready to share with others, they can toggle the Share portfolio button, copy the link and share it with their educators, college admissions office, and more. They're able to turn off the shareable toggle at any point. Anyone they've shared the portfolio with will no longer be able to view it.

noteNote: Portfolio sharing must be enabled by the educator for students to access the Share portfolio link. See Shareable portfolios for more information.
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