Access and manage WRL opportunities as an educator

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All educators are able to view student and educator Work-related learning (WRLOpportunities in their Xello Educator account. Check in on your students' WRL requests while you're already in Xello managing other student work.

To access Opportunities:

  1. From your educator account, click Features and select Work-based learning.
    Educator account in Xello, Opportunities selected from side menu
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    Educator account in Xello, Opportunities selected from side menu
  2. View all Student requests, explore Student opportunities, or Educator opportunities, or check out available Companies.
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View and sort requests

When viewing the list of student requests, you can filter and sort the following ways:

  • Use the search bar to narrow the list to show one student or a specific request.
  • Filter the table by clicking the All Request dropdown to show one request type.
  • Click a column heading to sort the table by column data.
noteNote: Although all educators can view requests, it's recommended that your school selects an “Opportunity Coordinator” to manage student requests.

View and sort opportunities

When viewing the list of educator or student opportunities you can narrow the list by searching or filtering for an opportunity, type, or company.

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Additional resources

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