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In this module you'll learn how students use the Plans feature to bring their explored options full-circle by creating an actionable plan with achievable tasks and pathways. Learn how saved careers, colleges and universities, and courses & apprenticeships help students envision their own future pathway.

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What’s in this module?


Lift Off: Getting Started with Plans (3 minutes)

Learn how Xello's Plans support every student no matter where they're headed after secondary school.

Dig In: Learn About Pathways (3 minutes)

Learn how Xello students can explore different pathway options available to them.

Dig In: Build a Plan (3 minutes)

Check out the details in Plans, like to-do lists, commitment level and more.

Dig In: Set a Goal (2 minutes)

Learn how to set a goal in Xello, the different types of goals, and helpful to-do lists.

Try It: Create a Plan or Set a Goal (3 minutes)

Use your demo student account to create your own sample plan.

Wrap Up (1+ minutes)

A quick summary, plus additional helpful resources to share or to continue your learning

Recommended Prerequisites

green book

Go through the module About Me and CV Builder

blue book

Complete the module Explore Options

Want to do this offline?