How Students Explore Local Opportunities

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From their Explore Options page, students click on Opportunities to check out what's available and request the ones they're interested in.

How students explore local Opportunities:

  1. On the Explore Options page, they click Opportunities.
    Cursor clicking on Let's Go in Opportunities
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    • Students may also arrive at the Opportunities page by clicking Get Experience on a Company profile.
  2. They search the list of opportunities by company or opportunity name.
  3. From the search results, students can narrow and sort the list by clicking Filters. Filter options are:
    • Opportunity Type
    • Career Cluster
    • Location
    • Available filters for students in Opportunities
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      Available filters for students in Opportunities
  4. They click an Opportunity from the list to see the description, view the Company profile, and Similar Opportunities.
  5. If they're interested in the Opportunity, they click Request.
TipTip: To help introduce Xello's WRL to your students, download and distribute this one-page handout for students new tab
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