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Portfolios in Xello


userEducatorhourglass12 minutes

In this module, learn how Xello enables students to create an organised digital collection of work - whether it's their own work, or things they've collected.

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What’s in this module?


Lift Off: Showcasing Work with Portfolios (2 minutes)

Get a sneak peek of how students use Xello Portfolios to create engaging, organized collections of their work.

Dig In: Getting Started with Portfolios (3 minutes)

Learn how to access and get started with Portfolios.

Dig In: Portfolio Sections (3 minutes)

Discover the different sections of portfolios and how other activities students have done in Xello can be included.

Try It: Start your own Portfolio (3 minutes)

Use your demo student account to begin creating your own Portfolio in Xello.

Wrap Up (1+ minutes)

A quick summary, plus additional helpful resources to share or to continue your learning

Recommended Prerequisites

green book

Go through the module Integrated Lessons in Xello

blue book

Complete the module Goals & Plans